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10/9/2023 - Orchestral music has the power to move souls, it is a universal language that transcends languages, borders and cultures. Each phrase, each concert, each musician is a story in itself. But have you ever fantasized about being at the forefront of that musical experience, guiding talented musicians toward creating an exceptional performance?

A Course that Will Transform your Musical Life!

Your opportunity has arrived, Webstival Music Foundation Inc. is proud to present the third and final edition of the successful course "Discovering Orchestral Conducting" with Maestro Andrés González. A unique musical journey, designed to inspire and develop exceptional conducting skills. In this course you will experience music in every fiber of your being through orchestral conducting.

Course Details

New dates and times available for 2024

What Does This Course Offer You?

Go deeper: Immerse yourself in music with Maestro Andrés González. Learn to analyze works in depth, translate scores into emotional expressions, and communicate your vision to the orchestra and audience.

Excellence and Passion: This course will take you beyond theory. You will learn to build a sonorous speech, establish a solid pulse, and develop the habits of a charismatic director. Your musical experience will be enriched with the focus on sustainable excellence.

Real-Time Training: Each class will give you the opportunity to apply what you learn in real time. You will practice your gestures with the baton, analyze works at different levels of complexity and improve your listening skills.

Recognition and Certification: At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate that details the objectives worked on, a testimony of your dedication and newly acquired skills.

Master Andrés González in Brief Andrés González is a Venezuelan musician and conductor with an outstanding career in training young musicians and developing children's and youth orchestras, with an inspiring commitment to music as a force for social change. His training under the mentorship of Maestro José Antonio Abreu led him to become an influential leader in the Venezuelan Youth and Children's Orchestra System and in similar orchestral programs in Latin America. Throughout his career, he has led large-scale projects, including the creation of the Francisco de Miranda Youth Symphony Orchestra, the National Children's Symphony of Venezuela 2010, 2013 and 2015, in addition to directing multiple projects that exponentially expanded the number of children and young people benefiting from the Venezuelan orchestra system and the development in the quality of the teaching and learning process in which they participated. His experience includes conducting Venezuelan and international orchestras, concert tours, mentoring conductors and orchestral programs, designing innovative orchestral training models and programs with a significant impact on Venezuelan and international musical training, with successful results ranging from the first orchestral day to outstanding performances of masterpieces by iconic composers on renowned stages alongside famous musicians. Join Our Musical Journey Whether you are taking your first steps in conducting or want to develop your skills, this course is the key to opening your doors to the world of orchestral conducting. Prepare to lead with passion, excellence and empathy.

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Discover orchestral conducting and unlock your musical potential. Don't miss this unique opportunity to enhance your musical life.

About Webstival Music Foundation Inc. Webstival Music Foundation Inc. is an organization committed to the musical development and training of young musicians in Latin America and the world. Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower the next generation through musical talent.

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