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Upcoming performances in the Dominican Republic: THANK YOU IOM!

In a year where music and education came together strongly, Webstival Music Foundation Inc lights the way with the phenomenal "The Ruins of Athens" project. This initiative, born during the challenges of the pandemic, has not only exceeded expectations, but has transformed lives through the magic of music and creativity.

Imagine, in the virtual corner of the screen, children from different Latin American countries immersing themselves in a musical world created by the genius of teachers from Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and the United States. A unique journey, where geographical distance dissolves in the vibrant rhythm of the notes and the contagious laughter of the participants.

Beethoven and Athena teach the camp song to the children
Zoompamento: "The Ruins of Athens" project online

The "Zoompamentos" became the magic key for more than 200 children, a door that opened the possibilities of music, reading, writing and, above all, fun in the midst of a challenging context. Teachers Pedro D'Verde, Denisse Peñalver, and Eliezer Anteliz became master guides of this online musical odyssey, taking children through 8 vibrant activities that fused unprecedented learning and joy.

Children enjoy alongside two great characters Beethoven and Athena
In Guatire, Venezuela. Music and fun Camp"The Ruins of Athens"

But the magic didn't stay on the screen. In Guatire, Venezuela, beginning this year, 46 free performances of "The Ruins of Athens" resonated in 68 classrooms, touching the lives of more than two thousand children. Edwin Rojas and Leticia Toro, exceptional teachers, became narrators of this version of the work, bringing inspiration and music to the door of each classroom.

And to close this 2023, in the Dominican Republic, Maestro Javier Abi Harb and Yubretzi Carneiro have woven a journey of learning and musical discovery in children's theater. Three performances full of magic and music have captivated the hearts of children, awakening talents and connecting them with the richness of music.

Athena helps Beethoven hear the songs of the play better
Musical theater The Ruins of Athens in the Dominican Republic

Thanks to the guidance of Maestro Javier Abi Harb, the unwavering support of the International Organization for Migration, and the accompaniment of CADOVEN, the Binational Dominico Venezuelan Orchestra, Roraima Producciones y Eventos, the Association of Venezuelans in the Dominican Republic, Globalízate Radio, Duendes Vinotintos , Venezuelans in San Cristobal and Association of Venezuelans in Santiago (AVES), the last two free performances of the year are scheduled in San Cristobal for December 3 and Santiago De Los Caballeros on December 10.

These performances are more than shows; They are experiences that awaken creativity, strengthen social skills and, who knows, they could be the stage where the next musical prodigy is discovered. The excitement is guaranteed, but spaces are limited.

Secure your children's place for this unforgettable day!

Contact us in the Dominican Republic at WhatsApp 8092210365 and be part of this musical journey that will leave indelible marks in the hearts of the little ones!
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