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What's New #YZA100DAYS

Actualizado: 2 nov 2021

From Webstival Music Foundation we have designed this challenge dedicated to each of the young people of our YZA International Orchestra, we are moved by the evolution they are achieving in the perfotming of their instruments and now it is time to help them aspire to more, we want to project them, that have a space where they can count on the support of our institution and all their colleagues to help them grow, to be recognized and valued for their effort and achievements in the world of music.

Definitely, the human being has not evolved so much just because of their individual capacities, on the contrary, they have evolved even more because of their ability to join forces in favor of common goals. For this reason, from Webstival through the challenge #YZA100DAYS we want to provide them with the step by step and the tools to transform their knowledge, skills and experience into a springboard to excel in the artistic world.

Since Friday, September 10, our young people are presenting a series of publications that allow their community to get to know them and at the same time enjoy sharing the talent and commitment of each one.

It is incredible how through these publications we can connect with each of the members of the YZA International Orchestra, knowing their dreams, goals, abilities, aspirations and even letting see some failed moment in their career, in this way their environment, people who Those around them manage to get 100% closer to the artist in each of their presentations.

We invite you to share this challenge by following the hashtag #YZA100DAYS on each of the social networks

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