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About us

Webstival Music Foundation INC is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering children and youth worldwide through online music teaching and performing.

Our team is made up of almost 40 teaching artists, outstanding musicians and recognized for their results in the famous venezuelan El Sistema of Orchestras and the countries where they are currently forming new generations with the same mystique, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, Peru, Uruguay, USA and of course in Venezuela; together we are dedicated to providing a space and hope to the whole world through music on the web, what started as a modest support to well-known music students through online classes, today has become a platform for the training of musical performers and teachers of the highest level. 
Webstival Music Foundation currently has 2 active programs which directly benefit +1000 musicians living in 22 countries, 5 programs about to start, 20 teaching artists, 8 audiovisual technicians and 6 founding directors, in addition to +20 partner organizations.
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Our mission

Contribute to the training and projection of children and young people through innovative programs of music teaching and performing on the web, as a tool for social inclusion, integration and promotion, in a global project that crosses distances, borders, social condition, creed, race and gender.

Our philosophy

We believe in the transforming power of the individual and collective practice of music as a tool for meeting, dialogue, union, promotion and peace.

Our purpose

Provide the best platform for music training and promotion for children and young people, ideal for forging new local and international links, through innovative programs of music teaching and performance, taking advantage of the potential that the digital age offers us, providing transformative tools for their lives. and its environment, focused on shared effort with a view to social integration, human promotion, musical and artistic excellence.

Sustainable Development Goals

The goals of the Webstival Music Foundation are aligned with 12 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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The members of one of our programs share their stories and what it means for them to belong to the YZA International Orchestra. Click on the image to read more testimonials



A network of excellent teaching artists, specialized in the creation of children and youth orchestras, colaborate sharing their knowledge with more than 200 students in their classes and online rehearsals, using music as a tool for social inclusion and integration, human promotion, musical and artistic excellence.

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Double bass

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Double bass

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Frank Giraldo - Oboe.jpg


Gustavo Gómez - Corno.jpg


Luis González - Oboe.jpg

Luis Jesus Gonzalez


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Andres Nieves - Clarinete.jpg


Maoly González - Percusión.jpg


Edgar Pronio - Clarinete.jpg

Edgar pronio



These organizations have participated in Webstival Music Foundation Galas with performances that reflect the quality and effort of their members, in these, their community of musicians, family, friends and the audiences of other organizations could meet them, connect and enjoy their presentations. .

We invite you to know and follow the musical activities that they carry out worldwide.

Centro de Animación Cultural La Rioja - Argentina
Atlántico Música Sin Límites
Musika Guztiontzat
Orquesta Escuela Maestro Montiveros
Orquesta Escuela Ingeniero Maschwitz
Sánchez Parra Educación Musical
Orquesta Neira.png
LOGO El Violonchelo en casa.png
Logo Saint John Youth Orchestra.png
Logo Conservatorio Musical Ronisch.jpeg
Logo Ensamble de Violas Teresa Carreño.png
Prototipo 1 versidfgdfon 2.png
Ade Marín sin fondo.png
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Orquesta de Ingenieria.png

Board of Directors


President and CEO


Vice President and COO

Andry González - Contrabajo.jpg

Founding Director


Founding Director

Who pays for this?

Webstival Music Foundation currently has almost 40 volunteers who handle all its artistic, operational, pedagogical and social logistics, who work daily to make this adventure the dream that today becomes a reality.


We are starting our first crowdfunding


We invite you and all people, companies and institutions, to be builders with us for the strengthening and expansion of this beautiful project, with your financial contribution and helping us share our history.


Admission to the Webstival Music Foundation programs is fully inclusive and open to all students around the world. Donate now!

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