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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

For the musical, pedagogical, artistic and human promotion of the digital generations "Y, Z and A", the YZA International Orchestra was created from the Webstival Music Foundation.

Its creation was defined by an audition workshops that was held through zoom on May 15, 16, 29 and 30 of this year.

It was an innovative audition method in which more than 500 musicians from 22 countries participated, where in addition to sharing and meeting musicians from other cultures, a Latin American piece by a renowned composer was performed.

Katherine Herrero, a Cuban flutist graduated from the Arts University in La Havana, shared that despite the fact that in these times of pandemic there are already several events that take place virtually, this particularly caught her attention due to the number of people it gathered, and the level of excellence that it requires from both students and teachers.

It should be noted that the Teaching Artists who conducted the auditions are specialists in the creation and consolidation of children's and youth orchestras. During group virtual classes, they evaluated the capacities of each of the participating musicians to receive and apply the knowledge they were being taught. It was about reducing the importance of their previous preparation and assessing the interest, effort and musical commitment that each of the participants demonstrated.

Carolina Arcila, Colombian, a viola student in Saint Petersburg, Russia and who became one of the members of the YZA International Orchestra's viola row, expressed that the audition process made her feel that she was sitting in the violas row of the orchestra, having a class with the teacher, "made me feel again like that feeling that all musicians (who have played in an orchestra) have inside when we play, which I can't explain in words, but it's like that feeling of joy to be able to play in an orchestra again"

Truly the beginning of this orchestra was unique and after the results were made public, we continue to see the commitment of each member in the workshops scheduled during 2021.

We hope to see the result of the work of this wonderful YZA International Orchestra in the Debut Concert with a global audience this December 18 and in the First Anniversary Gala of Webstival on December 19, 2021.

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