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From north to south, united in the We Are One Bicentennial Festival

Music is our strength

The We Are One Bicentennial Festival is more than just a musical event: it's a celebration of music as a unifying and transformative force in times of adversity. In its opening concert in Maschwitz, this festival brings together a selection of talented musicians from orchestras in the northern and southern zones of the urban area of the Province of Buenos Aires, all belonging to the Coros y Orquestas de la Provincia de Buenos Aires program. Coming from renowned venues such as the Engineer Maschwitz School Orchestra, Vicente López Youth Orchestra, Hurlingham School Orchestra, Santa Clara Orchestra, Tigre School Orchestra, San Isidro School Orchestra, Montana Orchestra, Luis Guillón Orquestón, Alte Brown School Orchestra, Mainumbi Orchestra, La Cautiva Orchestra, Huergo Orchestra, and El Puente Orchestra, these young artists come together to offer a unique musical experience.

The festival commemorates the enduring influence of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, which turns 200 years old this year. It also celebrates the 202nd anniversary of the meeting of the Libertadores Bolívar and San Martín, as well as the visionary educational philosophy of Maestro José Antonio Abreu. These pillars intertwine to remind us that music, beyond being art, is also a powerful tool to inspire, unite, and transform entire communities.

Through majestic chords and stirring performances, the opening concert of the We Are One Bicentennial Festival invites us to explore the power of music to transcend barriers and connect hearts. It's a celebration of cultural diversity and human creativity, where every note and melody remind us that, beyond our differences, we all share a common language: music.

In a world full of challenges and difficulties, music becomes our strength, our light in the darkness, and our guide in times of uncertainty. It inspires us, comforts us, and unites us, reminding us that together, we can overcome any obstacle and build a better future for all. At the We Are One Bicentennial Festival, we celebrate this transformative power of music and come together in harmony to create a more beautiful and hopeful world. Music is our strength.

One instrument, One life

"One Instrument, One Life" is our shared initiative, yours and ours; it's a commitment to the future of our young musicians and the community at large. Through this campaign, we aim to consolidate and expand equitable access to music education and broaden opportunities for every child and teenager to develop their talents through music. Each instrument received is a tool for learning and creating music, and additionally, it's a gateway to a world of possibilities and personal growth.

With this initiative "One Instrument, One Life," you are directly contributing to the cultural and educational development of our community, yours and mine.

Your generosity will help ensure that more young people have access to music instruction and can participate in enriching activities that foster their artistic and personal development. Additionally, your support also enables local music organizations to expand their programs and reach more children and families.

Together, we will build a future where music is accessible to all and where every child has the opportunity to discover their creative potential and express themselves through art.

Join us in this mission and be part of the change we want to see in the world.

Your contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of many young people and leave a lasting legacy in our community

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