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First Latin American Youth Orchestras Meeting LATE

An epic gathering uniting young Latin American musicians on a transformative journey of music and inclusion

La Plata – Argentina, July 18, 2023. This July, the city of La Plata became the epicenter of Latin American music by welcoming the First Latin American Youth Orchestras Meeting LATE. This extraordinary gathering of 300 talented young Argentine, Brazilian, Colombian, Ecuadorian, Mexican, Paraguayan, Peruvian, Uruguayan and Venezuelan musicians was possible thanks to the Buenos Aires Choirs and Orchestras Program, belonging to the Directorate of Socio-educational Policies of the General Directorate of Culture and Education of the Province of Buenos Aires.

From the first moment, the LATE meeting proved to be an experience that transcends geographical, linguistic and cultural limits. More than just a musical event, it became a journey of self-knowledge, personal growth and solidarity between young musicians who share a common passion: music.

Starting on July 8, the young participants began to arrive in La Plata, each carrying their instrument and loaded with high expectations. It was the prelude to a masterpiece in the making, a meeting destined to mark a milestone in the history of Latin American symphonic music. This July 10, when they all met together for the first time for a shared lunch, curious and expectant glances were exchanged. The musicians asked each other where they came from, what instrument they played and what stories they brought with them. Connections were made immediately, paving the way for a magical encounter.

The first rehearsal, an immense challenge that would put synchronization and collective talent to the test, as it would be witnessed a few minutes after its start by the authorities eager to witness how this project for the integration of Latin American youth orchestras would come to life. Minister Alberto Sileoni himself, in a beautiful and supportive gesture, made time in his busy schedule to witness this historic moment. Not knowing what was happening, the orchestra began its first rehearsal with the last tutti of Arturo Márquez's Danzón No. 2, and what happened next was simply heavenly. No one could believe that this was the starting point for the match. Under the direction of maestro Andrés González, the orchestra fitted perfectly with each indication, second by second, demonstrating a level of artistic excellence that exceeded all expectations. The success of the essay was a testament to the talent of the young musicians, the dedication of their teachers, and the power of music as a universal language that unites people across cultural and language barriers.

The second day of the meeting was full of workshops guided by the technicians of the Buenos Aires Choir and Orchestra Program, the violins guided by the teachers Pablo Agri, Tomás Villanueva and the teacher Flavia Fontana, the violas guided by the teacher Araceli Arce, cellos by maestro César Noguera, double basses by maestro Óscar Carnero, woodwinds by maestro Patricia DaDalt and maestros Carlos Céspedes and Francisco Ludueña, brass by maestro José María Ciccone and percussion by maestro Manuel Bohórquez. The work of these great geniuses was not easy at all, in just a few hours they had to get to know the boys, their technical-musical strengths and insecurities, clarify their doubts when playing their instruments, seek the integration of the members of their ranks and organize their roles in the interpretation of the works that would be performed the following day at the concert, and believe it, the success of their effort was not long in coming, and just as it happened from the first minutes of rehearsal of this meeting, the result far exceeded what was planned . The young musicians had the opportunity to immerse themselves in intensive training sessions and improve their technical skills under the guidance of these expert teachers. Each workshop was a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, where the young musicians also learned from each other and enriched each other. During lunch that second day something doubly unexpected happened, firstly, in a recreational moment, the "Copa América de table soccer" was played between the young people and the teachers of the match, and even more unexpected. it was the results, who beat whom... we won't reveal that.

The climax of the meeting came with the long-awaited closing concert, which took place at the emblematic Teatro Argentino de La Plata, called the Concert for Independence. Accompanied by renowned guest musicians, the young musicians demonstrated their virtuosity and passion in every performance. From Kress improvising on a symphonic base under the direction of maestro Ariel Hagman, to Antonio and Irupé Tarrago Ros interpreting "María Va" under the direction of maestro Gustavo Moreno, and < strong>Edu Schmidt delighting the public with "El Fantasma" and "Pequeños Sueños" under the direction of maestro Andrés González, each musical piece was an artistic jewel in itself.

In addition to these performances, works such as "Batuque", directed by maestro Mariana Ferrer, "Mambo 8", conducted by maestro Angel Schamberger, "Apamuy Shungo" and "Danzón No. 2", conducted by by teacher Andrés González. The concert culminated with two masterfully performed cumbias, "Inocente" and "No es mi despedida", under the direction of maestro Sebastián Mendizábal. Each note resounded in the hearts of the public present, 1,800 students from Buenos Aires, families and friends who were spectators were amazed at the talent and passion of these young musicians.

The LATE gathering was more than a musical event, it was a meeting of souls, an experience that transformed the lives of the participants and connected them on a deeper level. During each shared meal, each moment of recreation and each rehearsal, tears, laughter and sincere conversations were intertwined to create a fabric of friendship and camaraderie that will transcend time and distance.

From Webstival, on behalf of the community of musicians, teachers and organizations with a Latin American stamp using musical teaching and interpretation as a tool for social transformation, we wish to express our deepest gratitude to the authorities of the Province of Buenos Aires, to Agustín Andradre, his central level team and teams from each venue of the Buenos Aires Choirs and Orchestras program, Natalia Bragagnolo and the entire team from the Directorate of Socio-educational Policies, Cladia Bracchi and her entire team from the Undersecretary of Education, Alberto Sileoni Minister of Education and Governor Axel Kicillof, for their support for our Latin American youth and their management in carrying out this model meeting. His vision and dedication made this project possible, which has left an indelible mark on the Latin American music scene. Likewise, we want to thank all the teachers, families, organizations and their collaborators in each country who made this meeting a unique and enriching experience.

To relive the most outstanding moments of the closing concert of the LATE Meeting, we invite you to enjoy it at the following link

LATE 💓 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Latin American youth symphonic music. It is a living testament to the talent, diversity and togetherness that exist in our region. Through music, we have built bridges connecting people from different cultures and countries, and have laid the foundation for a more inclusive and hopeful future.

Nahuel Jurado, Argentine violinist, from La Matanza 🌟🌟🌟

3 intense days with full rehearsals and personally few hours of sleep, but it was worth it, a beautiful concert was given in the Ginastera hall of the Teatro Argentino, lots of music and beautiful people. A beautiful group was formed , with crazy people I knew and new crazy ones. I'm leaving happy with many beautiful memories and waiting for more encounters like this

Caio Britto, Brazilian cellist from Salvador de Bahia 🌟🌟🌟

...words fail me, yesterday I was very moved, but VERY, it was a unique day in my career, having shown that I am Brazilian, that I am black, that I make art, that I represent so many and so many from a country full of infinite and positive achievements...

Agustín Palacio, Argentine clarinetist for Coronel Suárez 🌟🌟🌟

one of the closure of LATE has passed and just today I fell from the experience I lived

Luji Schefer, Argentine violinist for Marcos Paz 🌟🌟🌟

...I'm super grateful to be able to live and learn from this experience and have crossed paths with these incredible musicians and friends

Grannel García, Venezuelan percussionist from Guatire 🌟🌟🌟

incredible experience at the Latin American Orchestras Meeting LATE , thanks for the opportunity

Manolo Díaz, Mexican horn player from Durango 🌟🌟🌟

Without a doubt, the Latin American Meeting of Orchestras is an unforgettable experience of knowledge and coexistence...

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