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Gala 20 June 2021

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Space generated for the inclusion and promotion of 18 groups from Argentina, Canada, Chile, Spain, Peru and Venezuela was held on June 20 of this year; the communities, families and friends present online were offered interpretations of each of these organizations, reflecting the quality and effort of their members, teachers, organizers and collaborators, "it was a magical night or afternoon, depending on where in the world it was looked" said the famous viola teaching artist José Guillermo Fuentes.

This presentation on the web is the connection of more than 1000 (thousand) live expectants, generating the satisfaction of the participants not only with applause but with written messages that remain forever engraved in their hearts. "Excellent initiative, an incredible experience. This is the beginning of something gigantic, without limits, or borders" commented Josué Oquendo, father of a young participating cellist.

To continue promoting all organizations, Webstival incorporated each of the representations separately, in a playlist, initiating a closer visibility to the virtual communities of these organizations.

We invite you to relive this Gala by click here

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